When choosing someone to entrust with the substantial investment of building their home, most people look for someone with experience, honesty, integrity, and financial stability.  And, certainly, these are all very important characteristics that every builder should possess.  However, what if there were more?  What if a builder could offer each of those qualities, and, at the same time, build a home that is unique and distinctive?  A home where every inch, every detail is carefully planned and designed with a single goal in mind: to create a product that is the perfect combination of artistic style, and maximization of your investment.

Artistic Style

Each Omega home is sculpted with vision, design, and exceptional craftsmanship.   Much like an artist will painstakingly scrutinize every detail of his work, we dedicate this same diligence and meticulousness to each element of our homes in order to provide our customer with a home that exceeds all of their expectations without exceeding their budget.   Often times, the artist of a particular piece of art can be identified simply by the style with which it is created.  This is the goal with each of our homes; that they be so unique, so deliberate, so robust with character, that from your first glimpse, you indubitably know it was created by Omega.

Omega Style is more than a simple decorative technique, it’s the entire process in which we design a home.   From overall aesthetics down to the functionality and flow, we have vigilantly planned every aspect to make certain nothing is left to chance.  Without proper planning, the final outcome of your home can quickly become disappointing and costly.  Our job is to design and build a home that creates a feeling of awe from every angle.  The more “wow factor” we incorporate into a home, the more satisfied we become with our product.

Maximizing your Investment

For many people, purchasing or building a home may be one of the largest investments they will ever make.  Whether this is a starter home, a dream home, whether you plan to sell in a few years or whether this will be the last home you will ever buy, you should always strive to get the absolute most for your money.  However, maximizing your investment is not a simple task.  Anyone can “throw” money at a home to get the style they feel or desire, but, it takes time, knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, innovation and imagination to get all the details you aspire without greatly exceeding your budget.  Also, it is of the utmost importance that you understand where your money is going.  If two homes are of equal cost, yet one is unquestionably more valuable, based on amenities, higher quality products, and overall style, you must ask yourself, “where did the rest of the money go?”.  We want our customers to know and understand that once we agree on a fair profit, every other penny goes towards their home.; no up-charges, no “management fees”, no un-necessary change orders.    Our only job is to provide them with a home that exceeds even their highest expectations.

When building or buying a home, there are basically three main categories that go into each project: materials, labor, and management.    Materials are tremendously important because they provide the structural integrity of the home.  This is why we are so adamant about the high quality of our materials.  In fact, many of our vendors now inspect each shipment before it is delivered because they know that we inspect it onsite and anything that doesn’t measure up to our standards must be picked up immediately.  Also, since we buy in such high quantities, we work hand in hand with each of our vendors to ensure that every aspect, whether its building materials, flooring, appliances, fixtures, or cabinets, are the lowest possible costs available, which means we even pass on each of our builder discounts to the customer.

However, as essential as top quality materials are, without a reciprocation of elite labor, the maximization of your investment is still at risk.  We only hire the most talented craftsman to carry out the most intricate design details of our home, because, ultimately, they are a direct reflection of Omega.   It is imperative that their attention to detail and unwavering pursuit of perfection be as evident as ours.
Yet still, without constant oversight and management of each of these elements, a home can never reach its true potential.   We are present on each of our home sites daily to thoroughly monitor each step of the building process  and make certain that each material meets our specific standard, as well as each sub-contractor’s effort and ability reflect the true craftsmanship we require.  As an Omega customer, you have entrusted us to make important financial decisions in your home, therefore, we must be intimately involved with every detail in order to guarantee the maximization of your investment.

Customer Service

This uncompromising passion for perfection with which we build our home is also applied to our customer interactions as well.  Customer service is one of the most important characteristics in a builder, yet often times in this industry, is one of the scarcest.  Customer Service is much more than simply answering the phone or returning calls, it is a partnership between the customer and the builder.  In fact, we frequently tell customers that when building a home with us, you inevitably become part of the Omega family.  We spend a great deal of time with our customers, truly listening to their needs, in order to design a home that is born from their individual lifestyle and created to be uniquely theirs.

So how do you achieve all this?  The answer is simple: passion.   There has to be an obsessive desire that drives a builder to spend his every waking moment in a never-ending mission of perfecting his craft ….  This is not just our business, our hobby, or our job; it is our inspiration, our life’s work, our masterpiece.